It’s a Beautiful Day Event!+

It’s a beautiful day to buy an Ivory Home! Ivory Homes is excited to announce our new 2014 summer campaign....

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Ivory Homes Celebrates 26 Consecutive Years as Utah’s #1 Homebuilder+

Ivory Homes is proud to announce and celebrate that 2014 marks our 26th consecutive year as Utah’s Number One Homebuilder....

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Ivory Homes Upgrade of the Week: Garage Doors+

We’re starting a new feature on the blog to highlight upgrades from actual Ivory Homes home builders. This week’s topic...

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18 Gadgets for a High Tech Home+

Have you noticed that homes are increasingly both wireless and high tech? More and more home buyers are looking for...

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Ivory Homes Rises Above the Standard for Energy Efficient Windows+

A recent survey of from the National  Association of Home Builders shows how important energy efficient homes are to buyers. In the survey,...

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Ivory Homes Employees Volunteer at Guadalupe School in Salt Lake City+

Ivory Homes is sponsoring Guadalupe School in Salt Lake City for this year’s Gingerbread House Festival.  The school is sending...

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How Ivory Homes Saves Homeowners Money on Lighting+

According to the Department of Energy, nationwide, lighting accounts for about 10% of the electricity we use in our homes...

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4 Reasons Ivory Homes Uses Blown In Insulation on New Homes+

Studies by the US Department of Energy show that 40% of a home’s energy is lost as the result of air infiltration through...

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The Top Home Builders in the US by State+

Who are the top homebuilders in the US? As you know Ivory is the #1 home builder in the state...

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7 Halloween Pumpkin Ideas for your Home+

Is your home ready for Halloween? We love seeing how our homeowners decorate their homes and yards for Halloween (or...

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