Why I Purchased A Move-In Ready Home

My name is Wendy and I work as one of the Interior Designers that help buyers building Ivory Homes through the design center process.  I help these buyers choose the finishes that will be in their new homes and I love watching as color palettes come together.  I find it gratifying as I see those homes come to life while they are being built.  So why did I opt to buy a Move-In Ready home rather than building one from the ground up?

There are several reasons why buying a Move-In Ready home was the right choice for me.  First of all, I wanted a new home.  I love the fact that my family is the first group of people to live in this house.  Everything is new…and undamaged…at least it was for the first day or so that we lived here.  (I have four children, three of whom are boys, so it didn’t take long for them to put their “mark” on our house.)  Hand in hand with the fact that the house is brand new, is the fact that it is covered under the Ivory Warranty.  That brought a lot of peace to my mind as a single mother.