Pricing in a Buyer’s Market:

Most of our homes in Utah are being sold below replacement cost. Ivory has managed itself well during the downturn and we are in a position to price our homes where the market dictates which, in most cases, is below our cost basis. So why don’t we “batten down our hatches” and wait for a seller’s market to return? The answer is simple. We care about our people and know that the value of our business is derived from being there year after year for both our customers and team members.

Excellent locations and the best home-sites will not last:

Because the cost to develop brand new communities is so substantial, most homebuilders cannot compete with communities that have already been developed with new home-sites on which to build. Furthermore, the cost to buy raw land, even at reduced pricing, and the investment required to build the community infrastructure is much greater. If you want to get a great price on a new home, the time to buy is now, before you have to bear the rising cost of raw materials, land and community infrastructure.

Interest Rates:

Interest rates are on the way up. Nearly all forecasters predicted 2010 would be the year that rates would hit historic lows. However, most of us did not expect the unfortunate European Sovereign Debt Crisis. It’s hard to believe that the problems of Greece, Italy and Spain have given us rates that most of us have never seen in our lifetime. We believe that rates will stay relatively low for a sustained period, but the window of opportunity to secure interest rates near record lows may be short-lived.

We believe you will do better in real estate than in stock:

There has already been a significant rebound in the stock market (the S&P is up 81% since the bottom in 2008) but real estate is still waiting for the bounce back. We believe that those who bet on real estate in the next five years will do far better than those who bet on the stock market. Why not invest in an asset that is clearly under-priced from a historical perspective and that you can enjoy every day with your loved ones?

Ivory’s award winning style and design:

We’re not content to build homes that look like other builders’. When it comes to custom home builders, Utah has many to choose from… and we work hard to go above and beyond what the other home builders have to offer. At Ivory, you get timeless architecture in a new home that is energy efficient, functional, and with all of today’s state-of-the-art conveniences. On top of that, you’ll work with Ivory’s award-winning designers to personalize your home to make it uniquely yours.

Ivory sets the bar for quality construction and warranty service:

For more than a decade, Ivory has averaged 93% customer satisfaction. We truly care about your home today and its value tomorrow. Our construction team takes pride in presenting you with a beautiful home upon purchase. For minor follow-up issues, we have an in-house warranty team that is second to none.

Don’t take our word for it — ask an Ivory homeowner!

Ivory neighborhoods feel better and have greater appreciation:

Other builders may try to mimic our home designs, but the feeling of our neighbor- hoods and sense of community that we create cannot be matched. How do we create a neighborhood? It’s all the little things. The way we plan our streets, walking trails and landscaping, or for some, it’s the pools, play areas and parks. For others, it’s the way Ivory homeowners take such pride in maintaining their homes and yards. The way a home and neighbor- hood feels really does make all the difference.

Ivory is priced to sell in any market:

Many builders are stuck and can’t price where they need to be in the market. Ivory has the capital to buy property from banks and developers at incredible discounts. We don’t price where we want to be, but where we need to be. When you are priced right, buyers know. Remember, the best value takes many factors into account.

Ivory Tools for Success:

Ivory helps you get ready to buy. We understand that there are many challenges for homebuyers. We fix credit for the first-time buyer and the move-up buyer. For those with a home to sell, we can help you get it listed with a top agent and refund the commission back to you, or we can clean, pack and move you into your new Ivory home. If you would like to buy Ivory, but would also like to wait until the market improves to sell your existing home, we will help you lease it with a reputable property manager. For us, it’s all about helping people. That’s why we’re in business, and it’s the reason we have been successful.