We live in a world that revolves around personalizing our property.

When we buy a new cellphone, the first thing we do as a consumer is buy a custom case, something that adds a little “me” to it. Sometimes cases are bright colors, other times they may have a pattern or a theme. We do the same with laptops, headphones and even cars; there is always something we do that adds personality to the product. Cars are lowered, trucks are raised, windows are tinted and stickers applied. Laptops have custom backgrounds, cases and options while headphones are blue, green, red or themed…

I Phone case

Naturally, wouldn’t we want that with our own home?

Untitled design

Ivory Homes offers the best custom new homes in Utah. While most builders offer options and packages that come with do’s and don’ts, Ivory has a whole list of do’s. Building a new home should be fun, exciting and something that will last a lifetime. Buyers can personalize their Ivory Home with over 150+ home plans and a list of options and features too long to even try and type out. We don’t let you wander in the dark and make guesses either, we offer professional designers who sit down and work one on one with you until you’ve found the right options for your home.
We’re with you, from planning, to construction, closing and warranty. Count on Ivory Homes to help make your home, your home.

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Picture this…

A Team To Help You Every Step Of The Way.