Blood Drive a Success

Our company is always looking for ways we can serve our community, and recently we hosted a successful blood drive event at our Newcastle model home at Wanderwood Cove in Taylorsville, which is one of our newer developments. It’s one way we can give back and show gratitude to our friends for helping make us Utah’s Number One Home Builder!

Employees from the American Red Cross were there for 4 hours, and a total of 15 people donated during that time. That means they impacted the lives of 45 patients this week! There were cupcakes and treats for all who came out to donate and everyone had a great time. Because it was a success, we’ve already scheduled our next blood drive for October 16, 2013.

An interesting fact is that out of all the people in the population that are eligible and able to donate blood, only 3% of those people actually do. Blood is ALWAYS needed, and is currently in short supply for blood transfusions and other important medical needs. We encourage everyone who is able to give blood to consider donating because it saves lives!