Ivory Homes is proud to announce and celebrate that 2014 marks our 26th consecutive year as Utah’s Number One Homebuilder. This is a significant milestone and achievement for Ivory.

Dave Wolfgramm, Ivory’s new CEO (beginning this June) said that it’s unusual for a home builder to achieve this distinction so many years in a row:

“People outside of Utah wonder how we’ve managed to stay on top year after year. It’s unheard of to have this strong of a record, not just in our industry, but in other things such as sports or in the business world.”

He says Ivory Homes is the #1 builder in Utah by being 100% committed to the home building business. Ivory also knows Utah and is dedicated to building and maintaining high quality communities, featuring top of the line amenities.

Ivory’s prices start at $150,000 and go to over a million. We have over 300 floor plans for you to choose from and with over 60 fantastic locations, you’re sure to find your Ivory home exactly where you want to live. So far this year we have sold over 234 homes and  introduced several new designs including:

If you want to become an Ivory home buyer in 2014, now is a great time to build too. The Utah housing market is booming. “According to the Utah Housing Corporation, 2013’s home sales numbers hit record highs, bringing the real estate market close to the levels seen in 2007 before the financial crisis.” This is good news for both buyers and sellers because interest rates are still relatively low and housing prices haven’t risen sharply yet. However, as demand for homes goes up, so will prices for materials and labor, so prices are likely to climb.

Want to see what Ivory has to offer and what price range you can qualify for? Contact Veritas Funding, Ivory Homes’ preferred lender or if you want to start preparing to build or buy a new home but aren’t quite there yet, Ivory Home Financial Fitness offers a more customized program to help you get ready to purchase a home. Whatever stage you are in we are honored to serve you and to once again be Utah’s #1 homebuilder!