Innovating Home Design

Innovating Home Design

Dec/08/2016 by IVORY HOMES

At Ivory Homes, we never stop trying to improve our home designs. Buyers choose look at custom home builders based on a number of factors, but most want a home that is both functional and beautiful inside and out. Utilizing input from a variety of sources, we develop plans that incorporate the latest design trends. We look for ways to innovate while being careful not to get too far ahead of our buyers’ tastes and preferences.

So, what is popular right now? In regards to floor plans, over the past several years, we are seeing a trend toward smaller homes. This trend is most likely due to economic conditions. Recent buyers have been willing to make certain sacrifices in order to keep costs manageable. For example, having a formal living room and dining room is not as essential anymore. And some buyers are willing to live without either one. Several of our plans have space that can be used as a living room, a dining room, or a study. This “flex space” is adaptable to whatever the buyer needs it to be. While open to giving up some formal space, today’s buyers still want ample informal space, including a spacious kitchen, nook, and family room. Similarly, bedrooms should be generously sized to accommodate more than one child, if necessary.

The most visible trends in home design are on the outside of the home. The trend these days is away from the “rustic” look which included an “old world” stucco finish, stone, rough timber elements, and oxidized copper accents. We have seen a gradual shift toward a more “traditional” style of architecture. This look is achieved through the artful use of high quality fiber-cement siding and trim. Many years ago, siding was associated with “cheap” housing. However, the siding used on houses today is not the same inexpensive aluminum or vinyl product. Thanks to the availability of durable and paintable siding from companies likeCertainTeed and James Hardie, more buyers than ever before can choose a “traditional” look for their home without the worry of maintenance headaches. Plus, going “traditional” opens up many more color possibilities than are available with stone & stucco homes.

The trend toward the “traditional” look is on full display in Ivory’s 2015 Catalog of Homes.

Written by: Brian Apsley