There are certain landmarks that pop up in nearly every person’s life, such as going to prom, getting married, having a baby. And these can be as terrifying as they are happy. But one thing that doesn’t have to be on the terrifying list is building a home, and Utah’s Number One Homebuilder will show you how.

Ivory Homes, the largest home builder in the state of Utah, has been making the home-building process a happy one since the company first started over forty years ago. Not only are they experts in the field of building quality homes in excellent locations, they’re also committed to making the experience a pleasurable one for first-time home buyers and those who’ve been down the road before.

Here are some tips from Ivory Homes for making your home-building experience a positive one:

  • Location, location, location! When it comes to building your home, nothing matters more than where it’s built. One trait Ivory Homes prides itself in is the careful selection and acquisition of land in great Utah neighborhoods along the Wasatch Front and in St. George. The neighborhoods have low crime rates and great schools, plus they’re always near great amenities for people of all ages. And building now in a great location means your home will be worth even more down the road.
  • Have fun planning! Ivory Homes gives you the opportunity to customize your home—to make it what you always dreamed of. Talk with an Ivory Sales Consultant about what you visualize for your home and they’ll help you get started. Finding the home that expresses your unique style is easy with endless options and a design consultant who will help you every step of the way.
  • Go green! There are oodles of green options now for home builders, and Ivory Homes is working hard to make sure it’s not only meeting the standard, but exceeding it. With high-tech options like solar panels and programmable thermostats, or simpler options like laying out your new custom home design to match natural lighting, Ivory Homes is willing to work with you to make your home greener, for the good of the environment and your wallet.
  • Most importantly, get to know your home builder! Your dream home is in their hands, so trusting the company that will build it is crucial. And the easiest way to find out what Ivory Homes is all about is to get in contact with them. Call 1-888-455-5561, or check out their website.  They’ll make your home-building process a happy experience!