According to the Department of Energy, nationwide, lighting accounts for about 10% of the electricity we use in our homes and accounts for 20% of your total electric bill. By replacing incandescent bulbs with more energy efficient models of compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) or light-emitting diodes (LEDs) you will use up to 75% less energy. In addition you will save money and each bulb will last longer.

Rocky Mountain Power serves most of Utah’s largest cities (except for Provo, Kaysville, Logan, Murray, Eagle Mountain, Lehi and Bountiful).

Several years ago, Rocky Mountain Power started requiring energy efficient light bulbs for their wattsmart program. They required a certain percent of a new home to use energy efficient lighting. Ivory Homes did more than meet that standard, we exceeded it by using incandescent lights in our light fixtures. We did the same as we have done with our new home insulation standards.

Ivory Homes uses energy star lights in the whole house for many reasons. First, they last longer. In fact, they last 5x longer than regular bulbs. Second, they require less work or maintenance for you as they do not need frequent changes. Third, incandescent lights put out a lot less heat than regular bulbs, which are more like an inefficient heater than a light. If you need heat, this is an expensive way to get it. In the summer, it also makes your house less comfortable as you’re trying to cool it down. Fourth, the light is high quality with a warm glow so it looks beautiful in your home.

For those not building a new home, did you know you can get $20 back for adding qualified light fixtures to your home?

Watch Troy Preslar with wattsmart explain more about lighting in this video:

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