Homes in Utah are about so much more than windows and walls. It is our homes where we celebrate life’s many occasions, and have long lasting memories. Fill your home with life and excitement year round with these Home Entertaining ideas.

High on a homeowner’s to-do list after unpacking boxes and hanging pictures is having people over.  Friends and family will want to come over to “ooh” and “aah” over your new space, and let’s be honest, you want them to as well.  And rightfully so.  It’s been a long road to get to where you are at now, and it’s time to celebrate!

It is exciting to start planning the first get together at your new home and here are some helpful tips. The first step to preparing to entertain in your new home is to evaluate the space and flow of your floor plan. Do you have many small spaces, a formal living room, or an open floor plan? Maybe the traffic flow of the house leads people out to an outdoor entertaining space. After you have identified the best place for people to gather and mingle, locate a space to place a self-serve drink bar and when guests arrive, lead them directly to the drinks. Usually people are more comfortable to interact and mingle when they have something in their hands.

One of the problems when entertaining–everyone ends up in the kitchen. If you have just moved into a beautiful, new home, you are going to want your guests to see more than your wonderful custom cabinetry in the kitchen. The solution is to place the drinks as far from the kitchen as possible and try to put food and drinks on opposite sides of a room or area. This will prevent bottle-necking and encourage more mingling. Make sure there is adequate space around the food and the beverages.

A good bet for easy party food is anything that can be served room temperature. Things like antipasto, cheese, crackers, or sushi can be left out during the party and all you have to do is refill platters. But, you don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen refilling platters, so be sure enlist some help beforehand.  Split up the tasks for the evening and have one person in charge of food and mid-party clean up, while someone else is in charge of drinks and music. After all the thought and preparation that has gone into making your gathering memorable make sure you enjoy the time with your friends and loved ones.

When decorating for your party, remember less is more. Dim the lights and add a lot of candles to create a relaxed atmosphere. If you are celebrating moving into a new home, really the only accessory needed is a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. You can take one color from a flower and repeat that in the napkins, plates or in other small, subtle touches to help pull things together.

Entertaining in your new home is really about creating a welcoming, inviting place for friends and family to gather and enjoy each other. Do a little preparation and planning before the event but mostly look for ways to put your personality into your surroundings and everyone will be thrilled with the result. Happy Entertaining!