Ivory Homes’ excellent Design Team has won many awards for their ability to envision a masterpiece and bring it to life. That’s what they do every day for our buyers.

Here are some common interior decoration mistakes to avoid:

  • Too busy. A room can get overwhelmed with too many wall-hangings, shelving, furniture, decorations and colors. You’ve heard the phrase “less is more”, right? Keep that in mind as you choose what to fill (or not fill) a room with. Using accent colors can be very charming and can liven up a room, but too many colors and shades that don’t mesh well can have the opposite effect. Keep it simple.
  • Mismatched furniture. Before I say anything else, I need to clarify that this doesn’t mean you have to buy super expensive furniture sets from the same store for everything in your home. What I mean is to coordinate colors, fabrics, woods and other aspects of your furniture so that they blend well together and complement each other. You don’t want one piece of furniture to draw all the attention to it and drown out the rest.
  • Wrong paint. The color and type of paint you choose can be tricky. Too white can be too bright. Certain shades could make your home feel like a dreary hospital. Certain tones can lighten up a room or darken it, which is fine, depending on the mood you want for the room. Different colors give personality to each part of your home, so have fun with it, but don’t go overboard.
  • Empty space. I know I already preached about not overwhelming a room, but the other end of the spectrum isn’t good either. You want a place on the floor for the kids to play, and ample walking space, but a room with not enough in it can feel lonely and empty.
  • Asymmetry. No, not everything has to be symmetric, but symmetry can also be a wonderful thing. My mother always taught me to decorate with odd numbers. For example, when arranging flowers in a vase, use 3 or 5. I have a hard time putting up 2 pictures on a wall, unless they’re the same size and have matching frames (giving us symmetry).
  • Mixing old and new. Sometimes we inherit older, classic furniture or decorations from parents or grandparents, which can be very beautiful and timeless. But avoid using it in a room that has a modern feel to it, or surrounding it with other furniture from a different era. It’s usually obvious when the style of your paintings and frames, couches, tables, decorations and even paint colors come from different decades, so be careful and deliberate in what you put together.

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