The layout of your home is probably one of the most significant choices you will ever make regarding your new Ivory Home. Regardless of where you live, the floor plan and flow of one space to the next should largely depend on your lifestyle. Consider how you and your family live and then choose a floor plan that enhances these traditions. Whether you prefer homes with a single story or multiple levels with bedrooms on top – making a choice can be stressful. Here are a few tips to help make the process a bit easier and help you choose a plan that you love.

1. Choose a plan that fits your lifestyle, there are many homes in Utah to choose from… and it is important to consider questions such as: Do you like an open floor plan that allows for busy interaction or multiple smaller spaces that offer a more private feel? Other important factors include family size and ages of children. For example, a family with young children may want smaller isolated bedrooms for sleeping little ones. Perhaps a family with teenagers would want bedrooms away from the master suite and a larger family room in the basement where they can hang out with friends. You may also want a heavy door on that “hangout” room as well!

2. Do you entertain often? Many floor plans are centered on entertaining. These plans welcome guests at the front door and draw them through your home into an open living room and kitchen. The path may even lead to an outdoor entertainment space on a deck or patio. Your family may be more private, not wanting your home on display for everyone and would rather have a formal living room off of the entry where a guest would feel comfortable while leaving the rest of the house private.

3. Multi-story or single level rambler? Multi- story homes take advantage of the economics of building and space. In new construction, it is often more cost effective to build up rather than out. One can have more living area on a smaller lot with a multi-level home. These plans can also capture great views. The single level rambler plans are quieter homes without living space above. Ramblers usually have a central “public hub” and tend to have “wings” that group similar living spaces like the bedrooms. Ivory Homes has a number of each type of plan.

4. Do you have accessibility needs? As we age stairs become less attractive. Do you have a family member that needs a little extra maneuvering space? These are things to consider at the beginning of any new home purchase. It is best to resolve these issues at the planning stages of your new home. You will get a plan that fits your needs without making costly and laborious changes later.

5. Do you like to live outside? While this may partially be a function of which a lot of people choose and the climate we live in, it is worth thinking about and how your plan will allow you to access the outdoors. If you have children playing in the backyard sand box, perhaps a separate mud room entrance is preferred. While a larger outdoor entertainment space would be better served with French doors off of a main living space.

These tips should help you get on the path of choosing a great Ivory Home plan that really complements your family. Please see our website for more information about our plans and communities. Also talk with our expert design team. Over the years we have built more than 14,000 Ivory Homes. We are certain that we can help you choose a plan and even customize it to fit your needs, we lead the mark of custom home builders in Utah. At Ivory Homes, Love Matters and we want to make sure you love everything about your floor plan and your new home.

written by: Eric Petersen