Before You Even Consider The Home, Consider The Builder

Before You Even Consider The Home, Consider The Builder

Dec/11/2017 by IVORY HOMES

When it comes to choosing custom home builders, Utah has numerous elements to consider:

The most important element is often the location.  Choose a location that is conveniently located near schools, shopping centers and is easily accessible for commuters.  Look for a community that has open spaces, parks, trails and clubhouses.  These amenities will add value to your home along with helping to create a great neighborhood environment.

Next choose a Builder with superior style and design.  There is much more to purchasing a home than simply the price per square foot.  Does the builder use quality materials? Is the design more than a square box?  Will the Builder allow you to customize the home to your needs and wants?

A Builder that will stand by their warranty is another important element when considering building a home.  Builders come and go, so make sure your Builder has the financial footing to be around year in and year out.  What good is a warranty if when it is needed, the builder is no longer in business.  Also make sure the warranty offered is fair.  Often warranties purchased are worthless because there is too much subjectivity and the company looks for loopholes to find ways not to honor their warranty.

Look for a company that has a track record of great customer satisfaction.  Remember with all companies there will be the people who love them and hate them, but the overall customer satisfaction will enable you to make a good choice of builders.  If you are unable to find a history, then ask if you can walk through some of the homes the Builder has previously built.  Make sure you look at the grade of the workmanship and get the opinion of previous homebuyers.

Remember the lowest price is not always the best way to create Value.  These elements, along with others, will create the value you need to enjoy your home as you live in it, but they will also create great value in the future when the time comes to sell your home.