A New Home In The Right Place

A New Home In The Right Place

Dec/07/2016 by IVORY HOMES

Ivory Homes is offering new home-buyers a chance to start living in the neighborhood they want because neighborhood matters – a lot.  Nothing feels worse than looking to build a new house, looking into custom home builders in Utah, and getting all excited about that new custom home design, and then realizing you’ve plopped all your hopes and dreams down into a neighborhood run by the Hatfields and McCoys. Or, at least, by neighbors who:

  1. Don’t take care of their yards and outside appearance of their homes, which can lower the value of the other houses in your neighborhood by as much as 15%.
  2. Take up parking spaces.
  3. Have loud house parties and businesses that bring a lot of strangers and visitors in and out of the neighborhood.
  4. Have loud, barking dogs or stray cats.
  5. Have ponds, dangerous machinery or other hazards that could put children or pets in danger.

And there are other nearby businesses and other things that can lower your property value:

  1. Power plants
  2. Landfills
  3. Sex offenders
  4. Closed schools


All these neighbors can lower your property value, and take away from the neighborhood you want to live in.

That’s why Ivory Homes gives you the option to build your own custom home design in the neighborhood you want. In any of our new home communities in Utah, you can find the perfect plan AND the perfect plotfor that dream home.

In fact, Ivory Homes is offering an increasing number of urban options, communities for active adults, and affordable homes in great communities.

We even provide you with a website that lets you pick the community you’d like to build in (check it out here), and then work from there to make building your dream home a possibility. Right now, we’re building homes in Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, Tooele, Utah, Wasatch and Washington counties.

If you’re a potential homebuyer, and you’re looking to build your dream home in a neighborhood that you LOVE, check out www. Ivoryhomes.com, or call us at 1-888-455-5561.