7 Reasons to Buy This New House, Over That Old One.

7 Reasons to Buy This New House, Over That Old One.

Dec/11/2017 by IVORY HOMES

When it comes time to find the perfect house,

We often find ourselves looking into an existing home or a new one. That’s the question, do we go new? Or used? Will we save money on a used home or will we be taking a risk with the notion that there may be an unwanted, costly repair in the end. When weighing down on the pros and cons, it’s important that we don’t overlook the main points that a new home has to offer.


Very much like cars, homes continue to get more and more efficient as the building process meets the tech world. Every day, the home buying process is being refined and improved. Old and unused materials are being recycled, new materials are proving more efficient and builders are able to keep costs down.


Many insurers offer discounts for new homes that last up to 7 years. Newer homes, more savings.


Lower Maintenance Costs

Ivory Homes stays up to date on all of these new techniques and materials and uses them in their building process. This helps us sell more efficient homes that save the buyer more and more money on utilities, materials, labor and space.

Design Design Design

Does that older home have the newest design and styling that many buyers are looking for? How about interior trends that add value to your home as the market adjusts over time. These things can always be added, but will the price of the renovation ultimately outweigh the cost of a new home? At Ivory Homes, our designers work with new home buyers one on one in our design center, giving our buyers a hands on experience. Take a tour of our Salt Lake City location here.


Financing can be its own struggle when it comes to home buying, do you pick a bank? A credit union? Ivory Homes has several FREE services for financing your new home. We have partnered with our premium lender, Veritas. Veritas Funding is aggressive when it comes to getting our buyers the best mortgage rates possible in their 4 step process. 1.) They will help buyers figure out how much they qualify for. 2.) Application / applying for a loan. 3.) Start the loan process and 4.) Close the loan. When Builders work one on one with financing, it allows them to offer better rates than credit unions and banks.

FREE Services

A good home builder will offer many free services for their buyers. Ivory Homes in Utah offers several of these free services. Such services include Smart Move Advantage, which allows individuals who are already in a home, get out of their home. Buy Now Sell Later. Another great service that is offered free of charge is Ivory Financial Fitness. They make the dream of home ownership a reality! They will help fix your credit and even negotiate your debts, bringing you one step closer to owning a new Ivory Home. This includes a Free Credit analysis along with free professional, legal credit repair to improve your FICO scores.


Many new homes come with a new home warranty. This helps buyers keep a peace of mind in knowing that their beautiful new investment is well covered. Ivory Homes has been building new homes for over 27 years, not only does this bring in experience, but it reinforces that warranty. 


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