We are lucky to live and build in such a beautiful state.  Especially because it is a beautiful state that really appreciates DONUTS!!! On our review of why we love Utah this week we thought we would share our 6 favorite donut stops you’d be crazy not to try:

1. Alright, it is the elephant in the room.  We all know what we have to start with on our donut list.  It is the most accessible and most delicious chocolate treat you can find.  It is the Dunford Chocolate Cake Donut.  If you haven’t tried one go to 7-11 right this minute and buy one.  They are so perfectly chocolate-y and delicious you will LOVE them!! You can find them at all Utah 7-11s and some other grocery stores or gas stations.  They also make mini Dunford Donuts which come in the chocolate and their incredible old fashion flavors as well.

 2. Banbury Cross is a clear front runner for the best donuts in the state.  They the best Blueberry Donut you will ever taste.  Really you can’t go wrong with anything there! 705 S 700 E Salt Lake City  (picture from their FB page)

3. If you are headed South Provo Bakery is another donut allstar! Their donuts are so fresh and they have a great selection to choose from.  Our favorites here include the twists, the jelly filled and of course the Alligator Jaws (190 E 100 N Provo).

 4. Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten the North.  Now we haven’t been ourselves, but word on the street is Madbrook Donut Co akes a mean fritter.  We also love that they are making donuts into a new funky shape.  Who’s ever had a triangle donut?  Might be time to try one 540 East 1700 South Clearfield (pc goes to Yelp.com).

5.  Last but not least is Beyond Glazed.  Talk about getting creative with Donuts, this place makes donut art.  We love to get these for the office.  Our favorites include, s’more, blueberry torte, and peach cobbler. There are a few different locations, they are worth checking out.

Any fabulous places we missed?  Let us know!!!

Have a delicious weekend!!