#1 Curb Appeal

Are you looking for a simple way to jazz up the exterior of your home? Painting the front door a bright and complimentary color to the rest of the home will do the trick! So many Utah homes start to look similar in their subdivisions. Be the home that everyone can’t help but notice no matter the season.

#2 Organize the Entry

Whether the main entry to your home is through the front door or the garage, having a place to remove shoes and coats and keep the keys and sunglasses organized is so helpful. Starting with shelves, bins or a bench can be a great start to keeping this area of your home orderly.

#3 Switch the Switchplates

Sometimes the plain white switchplate can get boring and replacing them around the house with a more modern approach can make the entire home feel updated. There are so many to choose from these days between, wood, metal, ceramic and even textured. Be sure to choose ones that compliment the room(s) that you’re considering.

 #4 Repair the Walkway

This home improvement is very beneficial for homes in Utah where we are all subject to the elements of the season. Mending the cracks and gaps in your walkways and driveways with a patching compound will not only improve the overall aesthetics of your home, but it will also make them safer for your family and visitors to walk on. Don’t let this update go for too long because these cracks can expand quickly and become a much larger problem to tackle.

#5 Update with Paint

Painting an old piece of furniture can bring new life, not only to the piece, but to the entire room that it resides in. Before you get started, don’t forget to clean away the dirt/dust and sand any rough spots, and when painting, always remember to go with the grain!

#6 Update with Spray Paint 

If regular old paint isn’t your thing, there is always spray paint. This will be an instant satisfaction project! Don’t forget the primer, as you’ll get a much better result. Overlap your strokes and spray past the edge of the object. 2-3 coats should do the trick!

#7 Refresh the Hardware

The front of the home is always a great and satisfying place to start as you begin to make updates to your home. Whether you’re replacing knobs, adding a knocker or even updating the numbers on your the front of your home, you’re headed in the right direction to start freshening things up.

#8 Recaulk the Bathroom

A good caulk seal should last up to 10 years, but once it starts looking cracked and discolored, it’s time to get the caulk gun out again. One of the most common place to need a new caulk application is between the floor and the bathtub. This update will help prevent leaks and mildew from growing.

#9 Shape Your Storage

Whether you’re building shelves or getting your things organized in containers, storage never felt so good once you’ve created some order. If you already have a great storage system, adding labels to boxes can be so helpful and is appreciated by anyone looking through the bins. Labels can also help channel relentless question about where things are.

#10 Design a Drop Stop and Communication Center

Several items at a high traffic entryway can help everyone in the family. Pegboards for keys, magnetic strips and magnets to hold notes, mini chalk board to write down chores, a mini mailbox… the list is endless and won’t get anywhere near breaking the bank. This will refresh the entryway and be a functional tool for everyone in the home to use.


#11 Add Hanging Storage

Hooks that can go in the garage or the shed that can hang the bikes and other seasonal items and toys will free up ground space that you never knew you had!

#12 Add a Rug 

Sometimes adding a rug, inside or out, can change the entire aura of a room or a patio. This may be the simplest way to feel like you’ve completely transformed a room.