If you’re planning on having a BBQ or get-together over the Labor Day weekend, you could probably use some unique ideas. Hopefully some of these ideas will be some new party ideas that you have never used before. If not, they should at least do the job of sparking some creative ideas.

Utah neighborhoods are the perfect location for late summer BBQs with the beautiful mountain scenery in all directions and perfect weather. These BBQ favorites are sure to be the cherry on top of the picture perfect event.

#1 Fruity Ice Cubes

In the warm summer months, water and fruit are some of the most refreshing things to take the edge of the heat off. These fun ice cubes will keep everyone staying hydrated all evening long.

#2 Drink Buckets

This solution is so much more visually appealing than a cooler and really allows you to display all the different drink options that people have.

#3 Grilled Corn on the Cob

Corn on the cob is always a favorite when people start to gather, but boiling corn has no room at an outdoor BBQ. Before you have to put the grill away for the winter, don’t miss the chance to grill all that you can grill. Once you’ve grilled the corn on the cob, equip your guests with the delicious sides that will put it over the top. Butter, parmesean cheese, and maybe some fresh herbs from the garden.

#4 Grilled Salad

If you have vegetarian guests that you’re looking to please, don’t stop with the corn on the cob. Unleash and grill all those veggies and throw them over a bed of spinach or lettuce. This dish can serve as a side or a full course meal, but is going to be a favorite for all!

#5 Caprese Salad Kebob

Don’t worry about getting carried away with too many side salads… if it’s on a stick, no one needs to know it is a salad. Nothing says tomato like a “fresh” tomato from the garden and not to mention the smell of basil. After that, all you need is some fresh mozzarella to accompany with a light drizzle of oil and balsamic vinegar.

#6 Naturally Flavored Water

A simple beverage dispenser filled with water and a fresh fruit of choice is quite the refresher that everyone will enjoy. Some ideas include, lemons, cucumbers, mixed berries, oranges, mint… the list could keep going. Feel free to share your personal favorites.

#7 Burger Bar

If you’re planning a potluck, why not theme it and have everyone bring something to contribute for the main course? For meat lovers, you can’t go wrong with a Burger Bar. You can assign fancy buns and baguettes, different cheeses, condiments, and vegetables. You could also assign someone to bacon or fried eggs too depending on how creative you want to get.

#8 Pizza Potluck

Another idea that is a meat lover and veggie friendly favorite is a Personal Pizza Potluck.  You provide the pizza dough and assign everyone else a sauce, cheese, meat or vegetable, chopped and in bulk. Grill one side of the personal dough, flip it on the grill and load the top with toppings until the cheese is melted.

#9 Grilled Banana Boats

If the grill is still on, you might as well throw dessert on! Grab some tin foil, bananas, chocolate chips, marshmallows and graham crackers. Cut a cavity in the banana and put the rest of the dressings in the middle. Wrap it all in tin and grill it long enough for the chocolate to melt.

#10 Outdoor Twister Board

A party isn’t a party with out some fun and games! Whether there are kids at the party or not, twister is always a crowd pleaser. Let’s be honest though, throwing the plastic twister tarp out on the lawn doesn’t work all that well; nothing a tin coffee can and spray paint can’t fix. Keep the spray paint hand though, after the first round of this, the kids will be begging for it all summer.

#11 Jumbo Jenga

Another favorite for all ages, is the classic table game, Jenga. This game doesn’t have to be a table game though. All you need is some 2×4’s and a flat surface in the yard and you’ve got yourself a lifesize Jenga. Shoes might be a good idea in case the blocks come tumbling down.

All of these tips should help to inspire your Labor Day BBQ creativeness. We hope you have a wonderful time with your guests in your Utah home whether it is an Ivory home or not. Feel free to share some of your favorite party ideas. Also, check out some of the fun late summer and fall activities for you to participate in, living in Utah.