10 Tips for Building a New Home

10 Tips for Building a New Home

Dec/07/2016 by IVORY HOMES

Interested in building a new home? Ivory Homes, Utah’s number one home-builder, is now building new homes in Utah in several great cities, and if you’re thinking about taking advantage of this great time to build a home, here are 10 Tips for Building:

1. Get educated on the home-building process. Nothing’s worse than having the construction of your new dream home delayed by slow-moving legal problems or an unreliable builder. For the best bet, talk to one of our agents at Ivory Homes, and they’ll walk you through the process, step-by-step, until your new home is a reality.

2. Pick a realtor or home-builder that communicates well. Building your dream home is one of the most wonderful decisions of your life, and having someone there to help smooth out the rough patches for you is invaluable.



3. Make three separate lists: 1) attributes your new home must have, 2) attributes you’d like for your new home to have, and 3) attributes you’d like but could do without. This compromise not only helps you find the home you’re looking to build faster, but helps the actual building process move along faster, too.

4. Design rooms to take advantage of day lighting. A good amount of sunlight will brighten your day—literally—and will help decrease on energy bills later on, both from lower heating bills and lower electricity bills. If you like a lot of sunlight during the day, confirm that the orientation of your home on your lot is acceptable (if that’s what you want, it should be facing southwest).

5. Purchase a programmable thermostat that can automatically lower your temperature at night and when you are away. Another greener option, this will help save you money on your utility bills, and a lot of time arguing about the temperature at night.

6. Buy a lot in a flat, walkable neighborhood. Being a greener home-builder isn’t just about using different materials. If it’s close to stores and public transportation, that means less on-the-road time, easier errands and more exercise time. (Extra green bonus tip: if you’re interested in installing solar panels down the road, make sure your lot is a sunny one!).

7. Get to know the builder. Make sure to check them out before you start building. Ask around the community, see what people have to say, or even check with the city building department. You’ll want to make sure the builder has a good reputation in the community, especially where promptness and the quality of the home are concerned. When you are choosing custom home builders, Utah is a great market because of the many options that are available.

8. Research the schools in your building area. Good schools mean family-friendly neighborhoods, and Ivory Homes is building in several Utah cities with great schools, perfect for starting your family.

9. Check the neighborhood where you’re considering building. Are the crime statistics high? What’s being built across the street? What is traffic like?

10. Look at your home as an investment. Plans change, and you may be headed somewhere else sometime down the road. Make sure you’re building a home in an area where other people would want to live. Selling may or may not happen, but you might as well consider it when building your new home.