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Ivory Homes recently welcomed Paige Sosa and her husband, Eli, into the Holbrook Farms neighborhood as first-time homebuyers and part of the Workforce Housing Program. The Sosas are outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers, spending summers camping, hiking, fishing and boating. They also love to visit family in Arizona, where Paige grew up, and vacation in California every year. But out of all the places they have been, Utah still has their hearts. Paige said, “We love to be outdoors... Utah is THE BEST place to explore the outdoors." After they discovered they were expecting a baby earlier this year, they decided it was time to get into a home where they would raise their family. The Sosas wanted to continue calling Utah home, and like many others looking to buy a home, found that the market is extremely competitive. Ivory’s Workforce Housing program made all the difference for them in being able to be in a home and city that they love.“Offering a program for people in professions that help others, lower income families and first-time homebuyers like us, is genius!” Paige said. “We want to be in our own home just as much, if not more, than those who make twice as much money or are on their 3rd home. This is the opportunity these families needed when they thought purchasing their own home was out of reach.”

Paige is an office manager at a dance studio and Eli is the ground operations manager for a shipping company. Paige loves the people that she gets to work with and has the satisfaction of knowing that she is helping the studio run smoothly in every way. Eli also loves making sure that his company is fine tuned and efficient. The pressure to have the job done well and on time is an exciting challenge that he loves. Ivory Homes’ Workforce Housing Program has helped the Sosas to be able to afford a home that they love and continue doing jobs that they adore. “Simply put, we would not have been able to purchase a home of this quality,” said Paige. “We were able to find a home that we love in our price range and then have so many additional benefits that sealed the deal for us.” First-time homebuying can be an intimidating and confusing process. The Sosas expressed that, “As first time homebuyers, we didn’t really know how to start the process of buying a home… this program made it easy for us and took so much stress of our shoulders.” Ivory Homes is committed to giving back to Utah’s most vital workforce. We are excited to continue helping individuals and families, like the Sosas, in making their dreams become a reality.

Paige concludes, “It meant everything. We wouldn’t be in an amazing city, in such a nice home without this program.”



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