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The Capes family is one of many in Utah that enjoys living in this beautiful state with all the nature and kind people around. They enjoy going to Flaming Gorge every summer to fish and camp, as well as visiting the National Parks that are right here in Utah. Aaron has loved his job as a police officer in Murray City, and as a Utah State Trooper before that. The Capes have a great respect and appreciation for Utah’s first responders because of Aaron’s service.

He said, “I chose to protect and serve to be a part of an important and integral part of modern society… Without law enforcement, society could and would devolve into chaos. I view this as a very necessary system and it’s a system I value and want to be a part of.”

Aaron and Sharlee had been looking for a home in which to raise their boys, James and Isaac, for a while before they found Ivory Homes’ Workforce Housing program.

“As much as we love and respect Aaron’s work as a police officer, it doesn’t pay that great…We were limited in what we could purchase as far as homes with the surge of the Utah housing market.”

They were discouraged in their time finding a place to live as they were out-bid or didn’t have the right plans to choose from, and luckily Aaron heard about the program at work.

“We met with an Ivory Homes Realtor and were able to purchase a brand-new beautiful home!” they said, “We didn’t have to worry about appliances or a yard. It was such a gift to us! If it weren’t for this program, we’d still be in our apartment looking.”

Now they can live their dream of putting their roots down somewhere special so that they can raise their boys and give them the opportunity to grow in the same neighborhood for most of their childhood.

“The Workforce Program is an incredible perk to our community members working in hard, often unrewarded occupations that do not pay the greatest. These are some of the hardest working individuals and to have a company like Ivory Homes be mindful of the needs of them and their families is very touching. It’s honestly the only way we could have afforded a home in Utah.”



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