Utah Business Chooses Ivory Homes Analise Wilson for Corporate Counsel of the Year
Utah Business Chooses Ivory Homes Analise Wilson for Corporate Counsel of the Year
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May 08, 2023 771 views


This past week Utah Business announced their 2023 Corporate Counsel Awards, and our very own Analise Wilson was picked. Read more about her work below!

What do you enjoy most about in-house work?

I love being part of a team. In private practice, it’s like you are on the bench, ready to step in when needed, but not playing a major role on whether the team wins or loses.  In house, you are on the field and can find opportunities every day to contribute to the success of your organization.  

What advice do you have for companies seeking in-house counsel?/what skills have you cultivated that are important for your role?

My advice is find the right person, not the right resume. With my background in commercial litigation, I was not an obvious choice for general counsel of a real estate development and homebuilding company.  However, in-house work is so varied that there isn’t any one discipline that would have prepared me to succeed. It is more important to find someone who is willing to learn than someone who already has specific subject matter expertise.  

What's an interesting/memorable project you’ve worked on as counsel?

My most interesting project has been helping create Ivory University House.  It is an innovative student housing project at the University of Utah where all profits from student rents will be donated to the University of Utah to fund scholarships for students with financial need. You would think doing good would be easy, but this project has been a heavy lift with several complex legal components.  I am proud to see it under construction!  

What is the most rewarding thing about your job? Why?

The most rewarding part of my job is working with great people. As in house counsel, I see all the managers and employees of Ivory as my clients.  It is rewarding to be a support for them and help them solve a wide variety of issues.

What does success look like to you?

I don’t think success has an end point.  I think success will look different in different phases of life and requires constant re-evaluation of priorities to ensure you are creating the life you want. 

What challenges have you overcome to get here today?

I had my three kids close together so there was a period of more than 5 years when I was either pregnant or nursing while also litigating full-time at large law firm. I think I am still catching up on sleep. Joking aside, balancing family and work will always be an ongoing challenge, but I am grateful for a support system that allows me to give my best in both areas.

What advice do you have for someone fresh out of law school? / What did you want to be when you graduated law school and how does that line up with where you are? 

I would tell someone fresh out of law school to be less concerned with your 10-year plan and more focused on putting in the work in with whatever opportunities are available. 

 When I graduated from law school, I started my career in commercial litigation.  I have many family members who practice in that area and my dad was a judge at the time, so that is naturally where I pictured spending my career. I was surprised to be approached by Ivory regarding the general counsel position.  I am grateful for the opportunity, and I have learned so much in this role. 

What challenges are you most looking forward to taking on next?

In my role, most challenges come to me, not the other way around.  I hope to continue to gain subject-matter expertise in variety of areas that will increase my ability to support the Ivory organizations. 

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