UTAH Our Beautiful State
UTAH  Our Beautiful State

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Living in Utah we have experienced the snowy mountain tops to the red rocks, from Bear Lake to Utah Lake to the Sand Hollow Reservoir. We at Ivory Homes know what a vibrant way of living we are accustomed to, and we strive to build where you can have access to your favorite things and all that Utah has to offer. 

With our over 200 locations around Utah, you will be able to pick and choose where you and your family reside, we have places for every type of personality! 

At Ivory Homes, we strive to make Utah better which is why we have our 30,000 tree planting initiative, our Ivory Green campaigns, and we recognize and give back to the community with our Work Force Housing initiative.

What is the 30,000 Tree Planting initiative?

As part of our effort to further establish us as an eco-friendly and sustainable homebuilder, and in conjunction with the Clark and Christine Ivory Foundation, we have partnered with TreeUtah and UCAIR to plant 30,000 trees across the state of Utah. 

This 30,000 Tree Initiative was announced on Earth Day in 2018, and in October 2020 the 10,000th tree was planted. With more plantings and projects planned, the project is well under way and making good progress. 

As part of this initiative, 20,000 trees will be gifted to parks, schools and communities across the state while 10,000 trees will be planted in new and existing Ivory Homes’ communities. 

Join our Tree Initiative by letting us know where we should plant trees by filling out the application on IvoryGreen.com

What is our Ivory Green campaign?

What if you could save the planet and your wallet? Well, that’s exactly what a new Ivory Green Home can do for you. Our award-winning green homes come in every color thanks to a bevy of standard features that can help you save up to $2,100 a year on your utility costs.** 

We say that's a high five for the environment! It seems like everywhere you look costs are on the rise, but homeownership can be one of your greatest ways to beat inflation - especially when owning a new energy-efficient Ivory Green home. Our standard green features come in every Ivory home - things like superior framing, insulation, and windows, as well as features like our 96% high-efficiency furnace and MERV-11 air conditioner that all work together to keep your home both comfortable, efficient and affordable. Our homes are 17% more efficient than code requires and nearly 50% more efficient than older homes - this can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars per year on utilities.

Our standard features are just the beginning! We are showing our dedication to sustainability in every aspect of our homes including their interior design. We have a fantastic team of designers that help create beautiful and sustainable homes for our buyers. Creating a home with intentionality is their expertise and an intentional home, is a healthy home. Using sustainable laminate floors, low VOC paint, and tiles that incorporate recycled materials, we do do our best to make your home beautiful while increasing your wellbeing.

Learn more about Ivory Green at ivoryhomes.com/green


Check out our green homes that are currently available HERE!

What is our Work Force Housing Initiative?

Ivory Homes is committed to ensuring that Utahns can afford to call our state home. As Utah’s Number One Homebuilder, we want to make a real impact on the lives of the people who help make our community great. Ivory Homes is setting aside homesites, outside of any government requirement, to provide housing affordability opportunities to our most vital workforce.

This includes: First responders, teachers, construction and trade workers, veterans and military, nurses, and public employees. Learn more at https://ivoryhomes.com/workforcehousing

Let's all continue to make Utah an amazing place to live!

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