One Survivors Journey To Homeownership


We love to show off our homebuyers. Within the walls of every home designed and built with Ivory is the story of an individual or family hitting one of the biggest milestones in life: homeownership.

And whether that is for the first time or the tenth time, we celebrate every one as an accomplishment. No one deserves to celebrate this achievement more than Heidi – a mother and cancer survivor.

Over the last decade Heidi has overcome some of life’s greatest challenges on the road to becoming a homeowner.

“I’m still kind of in shock… it still hasn’t registered,” Heidi said. “I didn’t ever think it was possible. It’s been a journey, but we are here now.”

The journey started in 2009 when everything seemed to pile on all at once. In June she went through a nasty divorce and then in November was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. With the lack of support from her ex-husband and medical bills piling up, Heidi started living out of her car. During her two and a half years of chemo treatment, she also went back to school to get a degree.

Although she admits it was a tough time, she remains extremely grateful for the support of her daughter and new husband, someone she had met while she was sick.

“I wouldn’t be as blessed as I am if I didn’t have to struggle so hard,” Heidi said. “[They have] been there every step of the way.”

Making it through the tough times with her head up has landed Heidi in a position of opportunity for homeownership; something that means so much to someone who, at one point did not have a permanent place to call home.

“We would just drive around and look at houses and dream, cause we didn’t think it was possible,” she commented.

After looking around at different homes for a few months, they ended up coming back to one of the first ones they had visited.

“I had heard about Ivory since I was little, and the quality and team are awesome,” Heidi said.

They were sold. With the help of their Ivory Homes sales consultant, Jaymie Cheney, they picked out their lot and decided on the 2000 Traditional design. This plan is bright and roomy with some incredible features like an open great room with vaulted ceilings and a gourmet kitchen and dining area. Not to mention four bedrooms on the main floor with the potential for 3 more in the basement. Plenty of space to grow and entertain.

“They are the most kind and humble people,” Jaymie commented. “It is amazing. When you come from a background like that and you really know what’s important in life, you just value it! They are so kind and really fun too.”

To further prove her point, and getting a little bit teary, Jaymie said, “They are just grateful for every single thing they get, so the process was a pleasure, even in these crazy times. They just appreciate everything! Nobody deserves this more than they do.”

Heidi is looking forward to watching the progress on her Ivory home as it is being built this year. As Utah’s Number One Homebuilder we are committed to helping first time homebuyers like Heidi and her family. Learn more about what we are doing to help at


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