Meet The Model Design Team


This month we’re happy to introduce our  Model Design Team which is comprised of three talented designers. 


Mia Reeves is the model homes manager.  A pro in the commercial-lighting industry, Mia came to Ivory 16 years ago as a design consultant.  After helping buyers bring their dream homes to life for ten years, she pivoted to her current role of designing our model homes.  Mia also works with our custom, high-end projects and helps with Ivory’s community design and street-scapes.


After her time working with the award-winning Drake/Anderson Design Firm in New York City,  Nicole Monson joined Ivory as a design consultant.  Having been with Ivory for the past three years, Nicole loves helping the model team amplify the functionality and style of our model homes.  


Nina Tran earned her bachelor’s in Interior Design from Weber State.  She joined the Ivory team three years ago as a member of the model team.  Her primary role is to assist with all model homes using her expertise with AutoCAD, Revit, Photoshop and Sketchup.


We are so grateful for the hard work these talented ladies put into making our model homes beautiful!


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