Meet Ivory Homes Superstar Sales Agent Eric Bland


Meet our superstar sales agent, Eric Bland, who has worked for Ivory Homes for over 5 years, and absolutely loves helping Utahns find their forever Ivory Home. Eric specializes in our Utah County communities, and has extensive knowledge of Ivory Homes various home plans and what will be the best home for your needs. Read on to get to know this great agent better!
What model homes do you primarily work at? 
For the past few years I’ve worked in Holbrook Farms, Ivory Ridge Park Place Villas, and Vivian Estates, all in Lehi. I’ve hovered around the northern Utah county area, and the southern Salt Lake County communities. I really like the area, and live there as well!
How long have you been selling with Ivory Homes? 
6 great years!
What is your favorite part about selling Ivory Homes? 
I love selling new homes. I originally began selling existing real estate, but enjoy new homes a lot more. It’s fun having a buyer put their home together exactly how they want it, and then to see it come to fruition right in front of them! I’ve always felt like buyers were most excited buying a new home, and it’s wonderful that you’re not inheriting home problems from the previous owner. I’ve been a part of some of the coolest, most unique, new construction homes, both big and small. I love seeing buyer creativity!
What is your biggest advice to buyers in today's market? 
There are a lot of serious buyers ready to buy right now. Waiting on the sidelines to find a better time to buy, has not been a good decision these past few years. There are in-state buyers looking to make the leap to home ownership and there are a great deal of out-of-state buyers who are migrating here for work or other reasons and are competing for the same homes. With interest rates being so incredible, it’s a great time to buy a home or make a move-up home purchase! It has been great bumping into clients who’ve bought a home with me, who have now been in their home for a while, realizing how much their home value has increased. That’s a good feeling for both them, and for me!
What do you love most about living in Utah? 
I’m born and raised in Utah. It’s always felt like home because it has been! I lived in St. George for a few years and loved my time there.  Utah is growing right in front of us. People want to be here. It’s a great place to raise a family! While it’s true that it is growing, it’s nice that it still has that familiar hometown feel.
A fun fact about you..
I’m a huge Jazz fan and love playing golf in warm weather. I have 3 great kids and definitely qualify to be a #girldad. My wife makes working in new construction possible because she is so supportive… and beautiful.  Let’s have a great 2020!


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