Master Plan Communities and Buying Into Something Bigger


Ivory Homes offers not only hundreds of different home plans, but many different types of communities. With more than 70 active locations, you can choose from quaint neighborhoods in Sugarhouse to larger communities that are lifestyle oriented like our incredible master plans.

When you live in an Ivory Homes Master Plan community you buy into something bigger. Our communities are all incredible and in the best locations - but we have to admit that there is something special about living in a community that is considered "master planned." These neighborhoods have all of the best features, amenities, lifestyle events and locations we have to offer. If you like to feel like you are a part of the larger community in the most lifestyle oriented way, a master plan community could be the best option for you!

A master plan community is a large-scale residential neighborhood, offering a large number of recreational and commercial amenities such as: parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, other facilities, trails, stores, restaurants, schools, office parks, shopping centers and other businesses.

So, why buy into something bigger? Living in an Ivory Homes Master Plan Community means our homebuyers are investing in the larger community and living the lifestyle they have always dreamed of.

A home for everyone – We have thoughtfully and deliberately designed our master plan communities to include a range of price points and home types to encourage a diverse group of homeowners to fill our communities and find a home for everyone that call our communities home.

It’s a lifestyle – living in an Ivory neighborhood means you will be part of a bigger community that is filled with fun events in the best locations, offering you the lifestyle you have always dreamed of. Our  HOA partner companies have put on countless fun community events like out-door movie nights, tennis tournaments, fall pumpkin festivals, and spring Easter egg hunts. There is always something going on in our master plan communities.

The best amenities we have to offer – Master plan Communities are rich with a variety of the best parks, trails, pools, clubhouses and more. For example, at Ivory Ridge there is a tennis club, Cranefield Estates includes a Clubview gathering place, trail access in Park City Heights, and the Barn event center and new pool at Overland.

All planned out – Everything from roads and plat maps, to open space and amenities is planned ahead before we even start to build. This allows you to rest assured that your neighborhood will be as magical as you dreamed it would be from start to finish.

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