Ivory Homes Sales Agent Highlight Natalie Sharp


Natalie Sharp is an excellent sales agent here at Ivory Homes! She primarily serves the Salt lake area, and can be found in our Carlisle Prairie model home at Watson Hollow. She enjoys being the mom of four kids, and plays tennis to get energy and escape life's stresses. She loves living in Utah because her entire family lives here, and she likes the four different seasons. We are lucky to have her on our team! Check out her advice for homebuyers currently in the market below.

How long have you been selling with Ivory Homes?

  • I sold for Ivory a few years ago for about 5 years and have recently been back for just over one year. 6 years in total!

What is your favorite part about selling Ivory Homes?

  • My favorite part of selling homes is helping people build their dream home and I get to be a part of that so it is very rewarding. 

What is your biggest advice to buyers in today's market?

  • That it is a great time to buy a new home and a great time to sell your home. The market is great in Utah and land is scarce so if you want to be in a certain location you need to do it now!


You can contact Natalie Sharp by calling 801-860-0175 or emailing her at [email protected]!



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