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Ivory Homes wants to give each homebuyer as many tools and opportunities as possible to make their homeownership dream come true. For that reason, we have partnered with, or refer our homebuyers, to these programs and companies for the best services and customer experience possible - Momentum Loans, Smart Move Guarantee and Homebuyer Education by Framework. We know buying a home can seem daunting, so these programs are here to help lighten your home buying load and clear your path to homeownership.

Momentum Loans is Ivory Home's preferred lender because they save our homebuyers time and money. They offer the best rates, have a team that cares about each individual loan and have an amazing customer experience, and they have a quick and simple process, cutting down the time it takes to qualify. 

Get pre-qualified with Momentum Loans!

The Smart Move Guarantee is our team of preferred realtors that will help you sell your old home and get you into a new Ivory Home at a reduced rate. Our Preferred Realtor program hand picks the best agent in your area, giving you the best chance to sell your home for the most money in the least amount of time. You will also receive a commission refund of 2.5 - 3% that can be used for your new home down payment, closing costs or even cash back. Smart Move Guarantee will also buy your home at full market value. Take the Smart Move Guarantee HERE!

We are extremely excited and proud to partner with Framework, the nation's leader in first time homebuyer education, to give you special access to their course for only $50 (normally $75 value) so you can learn everything you need to know to get the keys to your dream home. For many first time (or even repeat) homebuyers, buying a home can feel overwhelming and complicated. But it doesn't have to! Enter homebuyer education; your key to navigating home buying with confidence. When you sign up for our Smart Homebuyer Program, you will become a more knowledgable homeowner with all the regular home maintenance tips, receive a special Ivory Homes discount, get free pre-qualification and credit evaluation with Momentum Loans and Premier Credit, and potentially qualify for a more affordable mortgage!

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