Ivory Homes Employees Make a Difference By Choosing to Drive Electric Vehicles


Ivory Homes employees pledged to take the Clear the Air Challenge for the whole month of February. This month-long challenge, backed by the Salt Lake Chamber and in partnership with UCAIR and TravelWise, is designed to encourage Utahns to reduce their vehicle emissions by choosing alternative forms of transportation.

Ivory Homes participation in the Clear the Air Challenge continues to build from its Ivory Green campaign, focused on caring about the communities Ivory Homes builds and Utahns live in by building energy efficient homes and planting thousands of trees across the state through the 30,000 Tree Initiative. To learn more about Ivory Homes’ green initiatives and tree pledge, head to

Weekly Spotlight: Electric Car Owners

Kevin Anglesey from the Ivory Homes accounting department has taken steps to make the Clear the Air Challenge a reality by choosing to drive an electric vehicle. He participated in the following questionnare about his driving choices:

Why did you choose to purchase an electric car over a regular car?

I have always been interested in green energy, probably because its so different than what we are used to. Once the industry was producing cars that could manage my commute at a reasonable price I was excited to go all in.

 What has suprised you most about owning an electric car?

1. It was suprising how fast they can get up and go. They have a lot of acceleration from the starting line. 2) You would be surprised how many charging stations there are all over, so the fear of running out of power on the freeway is not a reality. 3) I was surprised that the cost to drive and maintain an all-electric vehicle is a fraction of a gasoline car.

For more information about how to join the Clear the Air Challenge, click here.


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