Ivory Homes Employee Makes an Impact Through Clear the Air Challenge by Saving Mileage


Ivory Homes employees pledged to take the Clear the Air Challenge for the whole month of February. This month-long challenge, backed by the Salt Lake Chamber and in partnership with UCAIR and TravelWise, is designed to encourage Utahn’s to reduce their vehicle emissions by choosing alternative forms of transportation.

Ivory Homes participation in the Clear the Air Challenge continues to build from its Ivory Green campaign, focused on caring about the communities Ivory Homes builds and Utahns live in by building energy efficient homes and planting thousands of trees across the state through the 30,000 Tree Initiative. To learn more about Ivory Homes’ green initiatives and tree pledge, head to

Weekly Spotlight: Architecture Team

Troy Pino from the Ivory Homes architecture team has taken steps to make the Clear the Air Challenge a reality through maximizing trips to and from work.

Where do you come and go from on the way to work?

I live in Daybreak.

What is the main method you've been using to save mileage (carpooling, public transit, etc)

The main things I have been able to do to save mileage is to plan my trips and stack my trips. If there is a stop I know I need to make I plan on making it either coming to work or on the way home so I don’t go home just to turn back around and go somewhere I could have stopped on the way home.

Who do you care about helping reduce CO2 emissions?

I care about helping to reduce CO2 emissions because I like to breathe. When we have an inversion and I notice that it is hard for me (someone who is healthy) to breathe I can only imagine how hard it is for those who may have issues normally. Like someone with asthma or a small child.  I feel like the attitude that I am only one person what can I really do is the wrong attitude to have. If we all can do a little that adds up to a big help in reducing CO2 emissions.

Do you use any other strategies to help reduce CO2 emissions besides making an effort to save mileage?

The other things I do to try and help reduce CO2 emissions is to adjust my commute schedule to try and not be sitting in traffic during rush hour. This may mean I am getting to work extra early or I am not getting home as early as I could but that is a small price to pay in my opinion. I also always try to not idle my car. If I am sitting at a long light at a bank or pick-up window line I will make sure my car is not idling.

For more information about the Clear the Air Challenge and how you can join, visit


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