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Ivory Homes Awarded 2021 Green Business Award for Commitment to Water Conservation During Historic Drought


In a year of historic drought, Ivory Homes was recognized by Utah Business Magazine with the 2021 Green Business Award for their commitments to water conservation. The Green Business Award “honors those companies, communities, and individuals who are… making strides towards our state’s environmental sustainability.” This is the third Green Business Award in four years, recognizing Ivory Homes’ commitment to Green Business Leadership in 2018 with its 30,000-Tree Initiative and the Green Building Award in 2019 for an average HERS score of 53.

“As Ivory Homes grows and changes with Utah, we are committed to doing our part to take care of the natural beauty around us,” said Clark Ivory, CEO of Ivory Homes. “We believe using Localscapes® is a step in the right direction for both the environment and homeowners. As Utah’s Number One Homebuilder, we’re proud to have forged these new partnerships, help our community save precious water and pass on the savings to our homebuyers.”

In an ever changing and drought prone Utah, Ivory Homes recognizes the importance of creating sustainable and Utah friendly water techniques in the many communities they build. Ivory Homes is committed to creating a more sustainable Utah and promoting water conservation to preserve our unique environment and allow communities to grow throughout the state.

One of Ivory Homes’ many water conservation efforts recognized by the Utah Business Magazine for its large and lasing benefits in Utah communities includes the water-wise landscaping program, Localscapes®. Introduced in May of 2020, during National Water Week, Localscapes® provides homeowners throughout the state with both functional and beautiful, water-wise yards. By creatively arranging gathering areas, activity zones, paths, planting beds, and open spaces, as well as utilizing drought resistant trees plants and trees, water-wise landscaping creates effective space usage and beautiful yards that can save more than 60% of the water used in traditional Utah landscaping.

By the end of 2021, Ivory Homes will have implemented Localscapes® in more than 1,000 new homes, saving a critical 59 million gallons of water annually during a year of historic drought. Using Localscapes®, an Ivory homeowner will save an average of 56,000 gallons of water per year, a notable amount that will greatly benefit Utah and our water supply continuously throughout the years.


Ivory Homes continues to be a leading model in the market for water conservation as they recognize that, to create the most impact, it is important to work with those passionate about similar issues. Through partnerships with Slow the Flow, Jordan Valley, Central Utah, and Weber Basin Water Conservancy Districts, Ivory Homes promotes Localscapes® in many of their communities, encouraging their homebuyers to utilize these water and cost saving techniques.

Ivory Homes further develops partnerships and aids state efforts to conserve water during this time of crisis by taking the Water Champion H2Oath, a pledge for Utah businesses to conserve water. In addition to receiving the 2021 Green Business Award, Governor Cox and the Salt Lake Chamber have recognized Ivory Homes for their exemplary water-wise efforts and highlighted them as a business model for how to desirably and profitably conserve water.

Ivory Homes continues to aid state efforts to conserve water by installing WaterSense Certified and water-wise appliances such as toilets, faucets, and dishwashers in all their homes.

Additionally, Ivory Homes aides in educating thousands of Utahns by providing all homeowners with the resources and tools to become more knowledgeable about how to save water by offering guides on water-wise landscaping techniques.

Through their partnerships with local water districts, Ivory Homes continues to be an example for businesses on water conservation by offering homeowners free classes on how to design beautiful and customizable, water-wise landscaping. Additionally, Ivory Homes has been working with its community management partners to ensure community common spaces are following state and city guidelines related to watering and working with homeowners to do their part to Slow the Flow.

In the end, Ivory Homes brings water conservation to the center and foundation of what makes Utah so great: the home. What happens at the home impacts our communities and environment statewide, so it’s fitting that Utah’s leading home builder has committed so much to create sustainable change. Thanks to their water conscious efforts as they implement water-efficient landscaping and educate homeowners on water conservation, helping all of Utah become more water-wise, Ivory Homes and their homeowners save millions of gallons of water year after year for the state of Utah.

The water saved by Ivory Homes’ efforts to promote water-wise techniques among their homeowners, especially during this year of drought, will help in preserving and protecting Utah communities and our beautiful environment for generations to come.

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