Ivory Homebuyer Highlight Tianya Ludwig


"I'm not sure when exactly I found out about Ivory Homes; before I was married and looking for my own home for sure. I'm also not sure when it was that I fell in love with my husband. But just as sure as I knew that I wanted to marry that handsome man, I knew that when we built our forever home, I wanted it to be an Ivory home. Lucky for me, that handsome man of mine had the same dream. One of our favorite date nights has always been walking through model homes and talking about what our forever home would look like. On these dates I could always tell we were pulling up to an Ivory home. It wasn’t just the large red signs; it was the beautiful exteriors that gave them away. Ivory Homes always look so perfectly clean cut and inviting. Then we would walk inside. Beautiful. Comfortable. Trendy. It didn’t matter what city we were in or what floorplan we walked through, we loved and wanted them all. We were hooked.


It’s taken us a bit of time from when we first started planning, but fast forward 8 years, 1 yorkie, 4 kids (in 5 years I might add), and a lot of messy and cheesy sweet stuff later, and here we are. This coming year, 2020, we will be moving into our forever Ivory home. It may be cliché, but I am living a better version of the life I always dreamt about. I got the man, we had the kids, and now we are getting ready to move into the home. The home that will be at the center of all our future family adventures. Our beautiful and long anticipated, forever Ivory home." -Tianya Ludwig, CW Farms



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