Ivory Homebuyer Highlight The Petrichs


Meet the Petrichs, proud new Ivory homeowners in our Overland community in Eagle Mountain. We love hearing stories from home buyers who love their Ivory home, feel free to share yours!


"The Ivory Home motto- “We Care About Your Home Today and Its Value Tomorrow” gives me assurance that I have chosen a qualified and concerned builder. Because of this, I can focus on what gives a home meaning, what gives a home life.

My dream home includes many extravagant details but most importantly, it is a place of laughter, love, smiles, and comfort. A place of refuge, a place of learning, and a place of growth. These attributes are what I strive to create each day for my young family in our home. Having a place to come home to means having security and reliable ground to land on when the freight train of life just won’t slow down.

My ideal home life isn’t picture perfect, it includes chaos and mistakes. “Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!”, a quote from the well loved children’s television show, The Magic School Bus, resonates with my day to day life. Being a young mother with two active, dynamic sons under the age of four comes with many responsibilities. I take pride in helping carry the responsibility as caretaker of the home. I believe our home environment influences our ability to create, to make wise choices, and to be at peace. In short, our homes influences the chances we take, the mistakes we make, and the peace we feel.

Our happy home was built with quality, value, and a fulfilling lifestyle in mind, and I am thrilled we are “living the dream” in our Ivory home. We are excited to utilize the countless amenities offered, including community parties, access to pools and event center, breathtaking walking trails, and many other recreational retreats. Our Ivory Home is helping our family thrive in many areas of our lives, and we count ourselves fortunate to be a part of this growing community." -Whitney & Conrad Petrich


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