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"When you are pregnant with your first child it is the best time of your life, we had the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood, and we had waited and prepared for this little boy for over 7 years. You have a perfect vision of bringing this new baby home for the first time. The day after we brought our sweet baby into this world, we closed on the sale of what we thought would be our forever home. My husband had lost his job and our world was flipped upside down. During this time of our life we knew all that mattered was this little baby we were bringing into the world and that meant we would sell our house and move in with family. This was the beginning of our 16-month journey to find a home.
For us having a home we can call our own again seemed like it would never happen. We had looked at countless houses and nothing in our price range seemed like it would be the equivalent to what we had previously. It was discouraging feeling like we didn’t make the right decision selling our home. I remember the first time we walked through an Ivory Home it was a used 2500 plan and we instantly fell in love. We could envision a growing family in this house and kids running around loving their home.
Unfortunately, we weren’t quite ready to buy. In the months to follow we walked through numerous other houses and would compare all of them to the feeling we had when we walked through the 2500 house. We were lucky that they had already begun building the plan we wanted. Walking through our house while it was being built helped us picture our sweet little family growing in this home.
Watching your little boy find his room for the first time is such an amazing feeling. We can picture so many wonderful things happening in our new home from birthdays being celebrated in the backyard, to a baby being brought home, kids sitting at the island waiting for daddy to make waffles on Saturday mornings, or our dog being able to run in the back yard and play fetch, kids building their first snowman in the yard and coming in to snuggle on the couch in front of the fireplace, and having every holiday shared inside these 4 walls that we get to call home. I think coming home should be better than a vacation. There is something about being able to walk through a door that is your own and just be “home” you can’t beat the feeling of being home." -The Olund Family, Monterey Estates


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