Ivory Homebuyer Highlight The Kuinkels


We are excited to highlight one of our many amazing homebuyers, the Kuinkel family. The Kuinkels built their beautiful Ivory home in Oakridge Park in West Jordan. We love hearing happy stories from happy homebuyers! 

"Just driving up and seeing our kind neighbors welcoming us and smiling the very first day, we knew we came to the perfect peaceful community. And the moment we moved in, we knew that this house was built for families in mind. Our dream home came true both in the house we had in mind and the happy environment we dreamt of. The open concept house was really a dream of ours, along with tall ceilings, and being able to have both of the two…... Being able to have a kitchen that flows right into...

As cliche as it may sound, a house and a home are quite different things, and our ivory home is not just simply a roof over our heads made from bricks and stone, but rather its the comfortable space that cannot beat anything else. It's the warmth of seeing our family besides our sides with memories filled with family dinners in the kitchen and delicious smells that call us throughout the home with its open walls, or the movie nights with friends. And most definitely filled with memories of the dusk before we go to bed that comforts us with the amber lights and the daily dawn sunrise we wake up that paints itself in our windows. As a family, we are building our happy home and our little story tale life in which Ivory has built for us; the most perfect house.

Our home meets all of our dream home requirements. The tall ceilings that open up space, the large windows that bring in natural light from all angles, the wonderful location with the secured sense of safety and comfort, and last but certainly not least, the perfect location to raise our two children near their future schools." -Abhigya Kuinkel, Oakridge Park


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