Ivory Homebuyer Highlight The Granges


We are excited to feature the Grange family, who is building Ivory Homes' Brinton home design in our Stonebrook Farms community in Farmington. We love hearing stories about the amazing experience that our home buyers have designing their dream home. Thank you, Grange family!


"Ivory is my dream home because at this time in my life, this home is as close to perfect as I can get. It satisfies our family needs with its functionality and simplifies our way of life.

I always thought we would end up with a rambler, but everything I will need will be on the main floor. The Brinton floor plan allows for growth but uses the main living space very well.

As we wait for our home to be finished, we can already imagine our lives there. Our covered patio is just there waiting for us to come enjoy its beautiful views. Putting that and our amazing four sliding doors that will welcome the inside our and invite the beauty in, I cannot wait. This is where we will start our day, or enjoy watching our kids play in the yard, or even close out the day as we unwind.

I am looking forward to making our Ivory Home ours as we add our personality to it. The outside is already beautiful and waiting to invite us in.

As we make new memories without children, it will also be wonderful to have them bring their children there as well. I can already see our family enjoying family dinners in our open kitchen setting. As our family continues to grow and change, our home will always be constant in one way. It will always have room to welcome everyone that wishes to enter and feel of all the love it has to offer. Thank you Ivory for being a part of our family. We look forward to many years and memories in our future." -Chelsey Grange, Stonebrook Farms


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