Ivory Homebuyer Highlight The Carliles


We are excited to highlight one of our many amazing homebuyers, the Carliles. The Carliles built their beautiful Ivory home in our Cranefield Estates community in Clinton. We love hearing happy stories from happy homebuyers! 

"The second my husband walked into our Ivory Home, he knew it was ours. He was house hunting alone and was so taken by what he saw; we put an offer down without me ever seeing it. We soon moved in with our three children who were 4, 3, and 1 at the time. Our home is two stories with a basement, and it fits our lives perfectly. My husband can run on our treadmill in the basement while our toddler takes a nap on the second floor. The kids can play in the backyard while I garden. Having all of the bedrooms upstairs, together, has been amazing. We are able to tuck everyone in and know that if a nightmare happens, we are nearby. The living room and kitchen being an open floor plan allows us to cook while still being part of what is going on.  

Our previous home had been on a dead end street, in the back of a cul-de-sac. It felt isolated and lonely. Here, we are in the midst of a vibrant neighborhood. Our children surrounded by other children, and we have wonderful neighbors to talk to! Ellie can wander around to her heart’s content seeking friends. Lucy has come out of her shell and follows Ellie all over. Jack watches the tractors dig new foundations, and he is in love. This house has brought us closer as a family. We are able to spend time together with the option of having our own space as well. Buying our Ivory home has been such an amazing gift." -Marissa Carlile, Cranefield Estates


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