Ivory Homebuyer Highlight The Burbages


Today we are highlighting the Burbages, an incredible family who recently built an Ivory Home in our Vivian Estates community in Lehi. We are glad to hear that they were able to build their dream Ivory home after so many years! 

"Our dream home began as just that, a dream nearly thirty-seven years ago. My husband and I couldn't be more excited, proud of our lives, our children and our decision to buy Ivory. I will do my best to illustrate and paint a picture of why our Ivory home is a dream come true.

My husband and I have dedicated our lives to our family, and as public servants.  Robert served in the United States Navy for 13 years (honorably discharged) and continued his services in the private sector by building naval equipment for 30 years. I have worked for the Anaheim school. District for 23 years, and an even more rewarding job, as a mother to three wonderful children. Together we raised three incredible, respectable, intelligent children (Heather, Bobby, Hunter) who have made us the proudest parents on earth. Each of our children have started their own careers and families. Heather is married and is a public-school nurse, Bobby is married and is a manufacturing engineer, and Hunter is a Sergeant serving in the United States Marine Corp.

Vivian Estates and Ivory homes became our final dream home after an exhaustive search. After five years of looking at different properties, builders, and locations, Ivory homes was selected because of its employees, quality of construction, and overall build quality.  Although Ivory homes are beautiful on their own, a dream home is only a dream come true if you can share it with those you love. My dream home will only become a home when I see Hunter walk through the front doors, Bobby and his wife drop off my grandson, Will, because they want to have a date night, or watch that U-Haul pull into the driveway with Heather and her husband as they start their new lives in Utah. My dream home can't be designed or fabricated, because family is where the home is." -Robert & Elisa Burbage, Vivian Estates 


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