Ivory Homebuyer Highlight Steve Katie Craig


"Every family has dreams that are important to them. Our dream for our family involves spending a lot of time together, deepening our relationships, experiencing new things, growth through experience and financial freedom. This year, we decided to make our dream happen. Up until this point we thought the home we were currently living in was our “dream” home, a large home, a large yard ...our forever home. But as we re-evaluated what our priorities are, our goals, we decided a much simpler lifestyle and home would allow us the freedom and opportunities to provide what we need, and actually what we want in life. We want to prepare for our children’s future, we want to give more to others, we want to live an abundant life made by friendship, family, and time to serve others.
The home we are building with Ivory has laid this foundation. We love our Villa. It is a well-designed, smart living space that allows for much more storage than we thought possible. It meets our needs in a much smaller space but allows us to meet our financial and life goals as a family. We are so grateful for that. We are also grateful for the opportunity we have had to work with Ivory. They have developed nice, safe, beautiful communities for families. The homes are high quality. They have helped us specifically with design changes that allows us to live comfortably and confident in our new home. We will always be grateful for the opportunities this new home has provided for us!" -Steve & Katie Craig


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