Ivory Homebuyer Highlight Pepper Hansen


I always dreamed about buying my first home. Independence is very important to me. I wanted a home I made for myself. I wanted the satisfaction of buying my own home. This was the year I began house hunting...My biggest challenge was that most homes in Utah are very expensive. It can be really hard for a twenty-five year old to find something affordable on their own. When I found out about the Utah Workforce Housing Program with Ivory Homes, I knew my dream of buying my first home would become a reality. Ivory Homes has always had an amazing reputation. When I invested in an Ivory home, I knew I could trust the quality of what I was getting. This wasn't always the case with the other options in the price range I could afford. With Ivory, I didn’t have to compromise the quality of the home I was getting, with a price I could afford.
When I started house hunting I had a few qualifications I wasn't willing to compromise on. I wanted a home in a location that made for an easy commute to work. I also wanted a home close enough to my family that I could swing by for dinner as often as I wanted. Most importantly, I wanted a house that felt like home. This house has everything I was looking for and more. It has far exceeded the expectations I had in mind when I started looking. December 12th, 2019, (which happened to be my birthday), I bought my first home. I’m so grateful to Ivory Homes and their amazing team. My dream became a reality. In this home, I will have the opportunity to accomplish goals I have set for myself and create memories that will stay with me forever.


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