Ivory Homebuyer Highlight Mikelle Faustino Ramirez


"When we decided to move, we knew our new home had to be special. The house we were leaving was the house where each of my four babies had taken their first baths and their first steps. The house where each child had celebrated their first birthday and first Christmas. And now it was the house we had outgrown. As we began our home search, we were ecstatic to find the perfect lot, tucked in a cul-de-sac, located in a community with a park, splash pad, swimming pool, and tennis courts all within walking distance. We were even happier to learn that it was an Ivory Homes community. With its reputation as Utah’s premiere homebuilder, we knew we would be getting a quality home. I won’t tell you about how easy it was to find our ideal floor plan, or how helpful the designers were as we went through the design process. I won’t tell you about how our amazing consultant kept us updated throughout the building process, or how understanding the contractor was in listening to our concerns. But I will tell you about how Ivory Homes built us a cozy home where we can snuggle in front of the fireplace on cold nights, with enough space to host large family gatherings. A home beautiful enough for Christmas card and prom photos, and sturdy enough to withstand high school parties (heaven help me) and impromptu wrestling matches. A place where I can stand on the porch and wave goodbye to my children as they set off to conquer the world, and a place for my children to rest their weary spirits when they return from battling dragons. Our new home is beyond special. It’s our dream home, and we can’t wait to fill it full of our dreams." -Mikelle & Faustino Ramirez, Park Place Villas at Ivory Ridge Estates


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