Ivory Homebuyer Highlight Chris Claire Hayes


"From the moment we said "I do", my husband and I have been nomads. We were a pair of tumbleweeds, never finding that perfect place to put down roots and flourish. We have moved almost every single year of our marriage; from our first tiny apartment as newly-weds, to graduating college and quickly moving out-of-state for a new job. Tiny apartment to tiny apartment, we moved to try and provide a bigger nest for baby number one, and then found ourselves moving again for baby number two. We continued moving, searching for our dream house, and never finding the right place to call home. We were wanderers.

Early this year, when my husband was offered a job back in Utah, I couldn't believe our incredible luck. Moving back to our home state was a dream come true. Finally, we were going to be in a place where we would be close to our loved ones, a place where we felt truly comfortable putting down roots. This meant it was finally our moment to build our dream home! Choosing Ivory Homes was the biggest step in making our dreams a reality. A new chapter in our family's story is beginning, and it is because of our new Ivory home. We never before imagined a life where we could have a home this beautiful and perfect for our family's needs. There are big bedrooms for our boys to make their own, incredible workspaces for us, and gorgeous gathering places for hosting family and friends. We went from being a people who had no permanent abode, to being a family planning a life in their dream home. A family looking forward to celebrating holidays, raising babies, gardening in the spring, and cozy evenings waiting for Santa. No longer wanderers... we are finally home." -Claire Hayes


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