Ivory Homebuyer Highlight Brook Nebeker


"They say home is where the heart is, and for a while now my family has been my home. My husband and my family have gone through some of the hardest years of our lives. My husband has been a hard worker and has always has provided for our family. Early in our marriage we were fortunate enough to buy a home and sadly my husband was laid off, he was diligent and found another job in which he was laid off again. We were forced to sell our home and live with my in-laws. After a while in their home we decided we needed our own space and decided to rent, needless to say it was an awful experience. We ended up moving back in with my in-laws and have been here now for the last year. Through much prayer, patience, hard work and diligence, my husband now owns his own business and we are in a position to buy again. We have been searching for months have walked through so many homes with so many builders and there were opportunities to buy a nice home, but I didn’t want nice, I didn't want to settle. I wanted the home of our dreams. I felt like after all of our heartbreak, and hard work we deserved something amazing. I didn’t want to give anything up on our list. I knew through Ivory we could get almost everything, if not all. Tall open vaulted ceilings, beautiful kitchen, stunning neighborhood, big yard. We were absolutely elated when we found the Briarwood. Its more and more exciting everyday knowing were so close to be building our family’s lives in it." -Brook Nebeker, Cranefield Estates


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