Heather Groom is Number One Preferred Realtor 2020


Building partnerships with outside realtors has been a high priority for Ivory Homes in the last two years. These partnerships with realtors like Heather Groom, with ERA Real Estate, is a large part of the reason why Ivory is Utah’s Number One Homebuilder.

In 2018 Ivory Homes established its Preferred Realtor Program to help strengthen these partnerships and reward realtors who repeatedly return to Ivory as their builder of choice for their clients.

Heather is no exception – in 2020 she worked closely with Hoss Almaraz, an Ivory Homes Sales Consultant from St. George, to close 5 Ivory homes, and has earned her place as Ivory Homes’ #1 Preferred Realtor in 2020.

“I love connecting people to homes…” explained Heather, “It is important to find the right home because it’s one of the biggest assets in someone’s life and it’s really rewarding to see my clients happy when they open that new chapter in their life. It’s exciting to be a part of that. I also love helping people avoid pit falls that I’ve experienced with my own costly mistakes, whether that be a first home, an investment property, or anything in between.”

Anyone who works with Heather, or has met her even briefly, knows how contagious her positive energy is. She truly cares about the people she interacts with and wants them to succeed whether they are clients, business partners, or acquaintances. This positive and hard-working attitude is a big part of why she is so successful when working with Ivory Homes.

When asked about why she likes to work with the Ivory team, she said, “Because Ivory is Utah’s number one builder I can count on quality and affordability in every subdivision for my clients. I always know that there’s a good process and a great team and agents to work with. They make my job easier.”

Being an Ivory homeowner herself, she is able to connect with her clients on a personal level and give them insights to her own experience.

“I own more than 1 Ivory home!” Heather exclaimed. “My clients like to know why I’ve purchased so many Ivory Homes, and I don’t hesitate to recommend them to my clients because of my personal experience.”

Ivory Homes will always welcome partnerships with realtors like Heather Groom, who bring the energy, positivity, and hard work that is so highly valued by our team. Learn more about our Preferred Realtor Program here:


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