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Fisher Family Builds Dream Home After Devastating Fire


Ivory Homes has been grateful for the opportunity to build a new home for Daniel and Cherilyn Fisher who lost their old home during the 2019 Gun Range Fire in Bountiful. We are so excited for the Fishers to be in their new home after that devastating wildfire. While we helped them rebuild the house, we know there is much more that makes it a home. We hope this helps them on their way to recover far too many things that can’t be rebuilt.

When they left their beds late that night to flee from the flames, they did not expect it to be the last time they would see the house they had made memories in for 40 years. Luckily, amazing neighbors and friends quickly stepped in to help the Fisher family start rebuilding their life. Part of that process was the opportunity to build their dream home with the help of the Ivory Homes team.

“I’ve never lived in a home that I’ve been able to make choices in… and it feels like home,” said Cherilyn. She is an artist and appreciates our design team that took them through the whole design process. She said, “They helped us visualize our dream home, and it’s exactly as we ordered it. It’s a dream come true!”

When asked what the process of building a new Ivory home meant to them they said that after losing their old home, a place filled with cherished memories, in such a traumatic way it was “better than going to therapy.”

Dan expressed that before the fire he had a very closed mind about new builds but doing it the Ivory way changed his mind. “I’m proud of the integrity of Ivory… and I’m so grateful. The advocacy we received from Kirt, Ben, Cami, Clark and everyone else was incredible… We feel really fortunate that they offered to build it for us.”

With the generous help from Ivory Homes’ trade partners and suppliers - Geneva Rock, BMC, Tolman drywall and Frontline Concrete - the Fishers were able to build their dream home on top of where their old home used to stand. This whole project would not have been possible without the help and incredible donations that were made. “We are so proud of the Ivory process,” both Dan and Cherilyn agreed.

Not only are the Fishers grateful for the whole experience, but everyone involved has felt an added measure of love and gratitude for the things that bring us together. Kirt Harmon, a member of the team who was heavily involved with advocating for the Fishers said, “I have appreciated the help provided by our other Ivory team members throughout the process… My nearly 40 year career with this great team has provided many opportunities to express my talents and to help other along the way. This one, however, has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life.”

Along with losing their home they also lost nearly 50 trees in the fire. The new Fisher residence and the surrounding hillside will be the target of another Ivory Homes project: The 30,000 Tree Initiative. As part of the goal to plant 30,000 trees across the state, Ivory Homes, in conjunction with the Clark and Christine Ivory Foundation, TreeUtah and UCAIR, will plant trees all over the hillside to bring beauty and green back to the neighborhood.

In conclusion Kirt said it best: “Ivory truly care about the families we build for as evidenced by this relationship and sequence of events in the life of the Fisher family.”

(Left to Right: Eric Freebairn, Shiela Hare, Clark Ivory, Daniel Fisher, Cherilyn Fisher, Kirt Harmon)

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