Creating a Timeless Exterior
Creating a Timeless Exterior

May 03, 2024 283 views


Choosing exterior colors for your home can be a daunting task.  Our designers are often asked how to create a timeless exterior. So today we are sharing a few of our thoughts on the matter.

Krista Beard feels that “classic/ timeless exteriors are finishes and colors that aren't trendy but that you might have seen on a home 100 years ago or longer and still look good.  Like red brick, siding, natural stone, etc.  Colors like gray, taupe, white, toned-down greens, and blues with white trim” are all good options.

 Isabel Reiswig shares that her  “idea of a classic color scheme with materials you can’t go wrong with is cream with terra bronze or dark bronze soffit/fascia/rain gutters.  [She} also thinks you can’t go wrong with any type of board and batten!” 

 Gabrielle Woodwine says, “Timeless characteristics on the exterior of a home are ones that you see repeated throughout time. Stone or brick on the facade, pitched roofs,  and house colors that pop against the surrounding landscape. 

Classic homes use color with purpose (to highlight an architectural feature or to contrast against a neighboring hue) and the result should be interesting and appropriate for the home's style and surroundings. Classic color is restrained and intentional.” 

 Wendy Hyde says, “In my opinion, you can never go wrong with a classic brick exterior.  Red or dark brown brick really stands the test of time.  Even though painted brick is currently enjoying a moment in the spotlight, it is also a classic exterior option that has been around for ages.  I think people today would be surprised at the variety and amount of color that has been historically used in housing.  Ultimately, choosing a color you adore and applying it with an eye toward classic restraint will create a house exterior that will withstand the test of time.”

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