Clearing the Air How One Ivory Homes Employee is Leading the Charge


Ivory Homes employees pledged to take the Clear the Air Challenge for the whole month of February. This month-long challenge, backed by the Salt Lake Chamber and in partnership with UCAIR and TravelWise, is designed to encourage Utahn’s to reduce their vehicle emissions by choosing alternative forms of transportation.

Ivory Homes participation in the Clear the Air Challenge continues to build from its Ivory Green campaign, focused on caring about the communities Ivory Homes builds and Utahns live in by building energy efficient homes and planting thousands of trees across the state through the 30,000 Tree Initiative. To learn more about Ivory Homes’ green initiatives and tree pledge, head to

Weekly Spotlight: Architecture Team

Andrew Bowles from the Ivory Homes architecture team has taken steps to make the Clear the Air Challenge a reality through carpooling with is wife to work. This week he logged 13 saved trips, 148 miles saved miles, 60.1 lbs of CO2 reduced and $42 saved. 

Where do come and go from on the way to work?

My wife and I live in Daybreak. She works at Neilson Labs. So I drop her off at work because it is on the way to work for me. And we enjoy the extra time together.

Why did you and your wife decide to carpool?

We decided to carpool because we wanted the extra time together and we wanted to save the money on gas. Since her job is on the way for me it made sense.

Have you always carpooled?

We have not always carpooled. We used to live in Midvale and our jobs were in opposite directions so we would drive separately.

Do you use any other strategies to help reduce CO2 emissions besides carpooling?

When going to Temple Square, to a Jazz Game or other things downtown we will usually take Trax.  The main reason we do this is because I like to ride Trax and we do not like to deal with the traffic downtown.  

When we first moved out to Daybreak I was taking Trax and the bus to get to work because it was cheaper than driving two separate cars to work. But we have figured out it is cheaper for us to carpool rather than have me take Trax and my wife drive.

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