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Celebrating our HOME making the world a greener place


We are celebrating the earth as our home this week! It is our responsibility to do our part in making the world better and helping our customers save money. We make homes that not only conserve the earth's resources, but save our customers hundreds and thousands of dollars each year. Every new Ivory Home is automatically more green than any home a few years older. We have the best home energy rating score in Utah. There is no small thing when thinking about helping our earth, and those small things include better insulation and UV windows, installing smart home features, and even making sure that the furnace is effecient. These are all effecient features in Ivory Homes that free up your funds. Click here to see other tips and tricks to help your home be greener. 


Along with our boosted effort to reduce our footprint, we have pledged to plant 30,000 trees across the state of Utah. Last Friday, we partnered with KSL, Select health and Orbit to plant 20 trees in Cottonwood Heights. It was a huge success! Everyone involved rallied together, full of energy and willing hands to do what they could in making our home a little greener. 


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