1250 Native Trees Donated to Swaner Nature Preserve in Park City


PARK CITY, Utah – Ivory Homes has gifted 1,250 native trees and shrubs of eight different species (Betulas, Cornus, Populus, Prunus, Ribies and Salix) to Swaner Nature Preserve in Park City, Utah. These trees were donated to assist in conservation efforts and improve the future health of watersheds for generations to come. The plantings occurred just north-west of the Spring Creek trailhead off of Glenwild Road.

A drone picture of Ivory Homes employees planting trees at Swaner Nature Preserve.

These native trees were specifically selected by Swaner’s Conservation Coordinator, Andrew Potter, and myself, to ensure the greatest survival rate in this area and micro-climate.

On Sept. 15, Ivory Homes partnered with Epic Promise Volunteer day and 200 of Vail Resort’s employees planted the first 625 trees. The employees were enthusiastic to help and had a blast in the sunshine as they helped improve this vital ecosystem.

Volunteers from Vail enjoy some daddy-daughter planting.

On Oct. 12, the remaining 650 trees were planted by our employees and other community volunteers. Thanks to Ivory Homes' partners, TreeUtah and UCAIR, all volunteers were instructed how to best plant these native species to ensure the highest possible survival rate.

Between the two plantings, it was discovered that the native voles (field mice who thrive on roots of plants) of the area found the new trees enticing. In defense, Potter and his team at the Swaner Nature Preserve and EcoCenter came up with temporary “vole cages” to keep the voles away from these new trees, increasing the trees’ survival rate.

Swaner Nature Preserve receives water from East Canyon Creek – the largest drainage in the Wasatch County watershed, creating a major habitat for Bonneville cutthroat trout, beavers, bird, moose, elk and deer. This preserve is cared for and maintained for wildlife only.

The East Canyon Creek.

The Creek is flanked by hiking and biking trails where locals and visitors alike enjoy the peace and excitement of the Rocky Mountains.

Thanks to all who volunteered and helped improve Wasatch County’s largest drainage and watershed! We invite you all to come back next spring and see how the new trees fare.

Ivory Homes employees planting trees at Swaner Nature Preserve.

More information about this tree planting can be found here.


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